A boost of a walk through a sunny Greenwich

A boost of a walk through a sunny Greenwich

After two days of staying indoors I was starting to go a little stir-crazy. I'm not sure why as two days isn't long at all. The weather hadn't been great, but it hadn't been as bad as earlier in the year either, so it couldn't be that. Maybe it was just because I've got used to being out and about. So as luck would have it, it was a beautiful day and far too nice to stay indoors...

I decided a walk into Greenwich would be just the thing I needed to give myself a boost. And I wasn't disappointed as the colours on show in the Flower Garden were fantastic.

The many squirrels were scampering about too, and they're not shy about approaching people. I found myself telling them I didn't have any food for them and to hurry out of my way, at one point they had me surrounded but my sternest voice showed them I meant business and they let me pass. I laughed as I thought of the newspaper headlines "Woman ambushed by gang of squirrels" and went on my way towards the Royal Observatory and General Wolfe.

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