A Blog for All People? Apsirations and Audience

I do have secret (OK, not secret now) aspirations to be seen as a blogger rather than a particular kind of blogger. I have found myself describing the blog lately as special interest or nichey, simply by virtue of the fact that I blog about the effects of events that, mercifully, don't affect all that many families. I am lucky enough to have been welcomed with open arms by wonderful and well established bloggers in the premmie or even bigger US preemie blogging communities and by the fabulous SEN bloggers whose posts inspire me on a daily basis. I want to belong to these communities. They make me feel at home and have become so important in my life. I am not apologetic about the special(ist) focus of my blog at all. Labels make me slightly anxious, though, even more now since having Boo. Just as I argue daily with people that they shouldn't see my son as the sum of his disabilities but as the wonderful human being he is becoming, so I want people to know that there is more to my life than prematurity and special needs (dominating forces in our lives though they are).

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