A bit different: inspiration for more interesting BBQ recipes

A bit different: inspiration for more interesting BBQ recipes

By British standards, we’ve had an amazing summer. Our BBQ has seen a lot of action, and long lazy afternoons with friends as the kids dodge water guns on the lawn have been, if I’m honest, the main delight of the summer holidays. But for the first time ever I’ve become bored by BBQ food. I soon started to tire of even the Taste The Difference burgers (you know, with the added cheese, caramelised onions, or redcurrant jelly). Nice as they are, I craved more interesting BBQ recipes.

Add to this that fact that I’m trying to be a bit healthier as I wander further into middle age, by eating more vegetables. I was seriously in need of inspiration for our outdoor dining! During our annual camping break with Steph and her familyfollow, I was so impressed by some of their cooking that I did a bit of experimenting and came up with some ideas of my own. To these I added some gorgeous recipes I found online, and created a pinterest board of ideas for the rest of the summer. Check out my Guys and Girls Behind the Grill boardfollow for some mouthwatering alternatives to the sausage!

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