8 healthy apps every mum should know about

8 healthy apps every mum should know about

I’ve recently been researching a load of healthy apps through work, and I’ve started to incorporate some into my life. A few are helping me to become more organised, while others have the potential to make life a bit calmer in other ways. Here’s my guide to the unmissable:

1. Karisma Kidz Moodville, free Having trouble deciphering your child’s grumps and moods? If your kid is aged between three and six, steer them towards this new game. Kids choose an avatar – one of the Karisma Kidz – and then have to look after the BloomaBears. It’s been designed by a child’s self-esteem expert as a tool to help children identify their emotions. They then learn tips on improving their mood, and your child’s feelings are reported back via a parents’ dashboard. My kids have described it as ‘really fun’. However, I have high hopes that it will sort out some of the more dramatic mood swings in our family too.

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