8 Fantastic Cookbooks for Gentlemen

8 Fantastic Cookbooks for Gentlemen

Let's talk cookbooks! When we first moved overseas, we sold or gave away almost all of our books– but we have been rebuilding the kitchen section gradually, and it’s been a lot of fun. Most of the food books we now own are gifts that I have bought my husband in the last few years. I mainly browse cookbooks for inspiration and then make my own recipes, so I love a cookbook that takes me places– but my husband loves being able to follow recipes, and these books have actually really taught him to cook. That has been really exciting for me, as you might imagine! The first five in this list are ones that I have bought for him, and the last three are on my to-buy list right now. There are so many awesome books out there! These are a few great ones that are straight-forward, practical, adventurous and inspiring.

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