7 Things Your Child Needs to See You Do

7 Things Your Child Needs to See You Do – Misplaced Brit

Whatever it is that you value most highly, whatever morals, ethics, or character, whatever lifestyle, if you want to pass it on to your children, they need to see you living it out. 7 Things Your Child Needs to See You Do: 1. If we want to nurture value for literature and knowledge then our children need to see us reading. Maybe a big thick book or two in between the magazines; the news, a documentary or nature program in between our usual shows; a tab with another kind of site in between facebook and sales sites. 2. Is exercise important? Then they need to see us doing it! It’s not about squeezing it in while they’re sleeping or while they’re at school, it’s about them seeing us leave and return, seeing sweat, seeing our sit ups or waving as we run past the window.

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