7 things you need to pack when camping with kids

7 things you need to pack when camping with kids

I dragged my parents camping several times this summer. Some of it they enjoyed (namely, the parts where they were asleep, and the parts where they were drinking cider), some of it they didn’t. I enjoyed ALL of it. I know how to have a good time, and so I offer you my best tips for getting rid of the camping jitters and throwing yourself into the spirit of camping with kids.

What To Take When Camping With Kids

Friends: there is nothing like a couple of middle-aged people whining about boredom to wreck your holiday. There are fields full of cow pats, haystacks to chuck over each other’s heads, worms to torment, and fire to play with. Grown-ups make no sense whatsoever, but they seem to perk up immeasurably when they have other bored middle-aged people to play with. Don’t question it just take friends, and they won’t bother you for most of the day.

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