7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Blog

7 steps to spring clean your blog

Keep it social ~ ensure subscribe options and social media links are easy to find and up to date

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve wanted to follow a blog in one way or another yet been unable to find a way to do so, if I don’t see it when I land on a page I’m unlikely to go hunting for it.

These are one of those items that do belong in your sidebar at the top if possible, make sure they actually work and aren’t hidden amongst other things.

Streamline Your Sidebar

It’s so easy to clog up your sidebar with blog buttons, social media contacts, affiliate links amongst other useful and not so useful information. Take a good look and decide if you really need everything there; perhaps a {Blogs I Recommend} page could host all those pretty blog buttons, likewise a page dedicated to all your ‘features’ will trim down the clutter whilst keeping your readers aware of your popular / successful posts.

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