+66 Adventure In Krabi We Goooo

+66 Adventure In Krabi We Goooo Saturday 0830hours and we were so pumped up, sitting at the lobby waiting to be picked up. Took us a little over 15 minutes to reach Nopparat Thara Beach. While waiting for everyone else (to gather and be separated into groups) we roamed around the area. There are a long stretch of shops and market (and even a cabaret show!). We decided to get ourselves the water-proof bag just in case Darya's monkey bag fell into the water. Which of course I was hoping otherwise.It was a messy affair to arrange everybody into 2 separate groups so we girls stood back and just go with the flow. You know, leaving our Singaporean kiasu traits back in our country heh.

There are 2 options to go on this tour; via longtail boat or the speedboat. We opt for the slower mode of transport and happily play the balancing act on the boat.

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