+66 Adventure In Krabi We Goooo

+66 Adventure In Krabi We Goooo

Because I am the master of procrastinator, here's the rest of the story. (I have to slowly probe my brains to recall the trip)

Oh I forgot to mention in the previous post.http://daryathedrama.blogspot.sg/2014/02/sawatdee-khrab-krabi-baby-part-1.html that the cab we took from the airport stopped by a shop along the way (we thought we have reached our destination because he didn't give us a heads up) and this lady came out from a shop and tried to persuade with us to have a look see, look see at the tours they offered. We declined though. If i am not wrong their opening price was much higher that the tour agencies we recce along Ao Nang. My suggestion is to go tour agent hopping and negotiate with them for a good price.


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