5Sardine 'rillettes' with parsley & lemon

52 Cookbooks #40: Sardine 'rillettes' with parsley & lemon This week my recipe is one for lunch, and so easy it's almost a non-recipe. Lunches are something I need to get better at as the weather turns colder and damper as salad, bread and cheese hastily thrown together are unlikely to cut it and provide the cuddle a bowl of soup can! This looked as if it'd be a good alternative as a quick-but-still-relatively-good-for-you lunch.

The book I've chosen this week - the Frugal Cook by Fiona Beckett - isn't one I've used much, and I suspect I was drawn to it because of its title, for ideas on using veg from the garden (or dad's allotment) and making the best of leftovers, as I dislike throwing food away.

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