52 Cookbooks #37: Apple & Walnut Crumble

52 Cookbooks #37: Apple & Walnut Crumble

It's time for more Hugh! I do love a bit of Hugh cooking and I thought I'd already used this book in this challenge, but it seems not - so happy days.

52 Cookbooks: the challenge is to cook a new recipe from one of my (many) cookbooks each week for a year...

Infact the real reason I pulled this book - River Cottage Everyday - off the shelf was to remind myself of its apple compote recipe, which in turn I hoped would help me make some headway into the apples I brought back from Norfolk last weekend.

But as I looked for the compote many of the other recipes were screaming "cook me!"

As it turned out I haven't deviated too far from the compote recipe (and I've some of that sitting in the fridge too) with this apple and walnut crumble, but I also used this book for tea last night and cooked liver, sage and onion. Yum.

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