52 Cookbooks #21: Paella de esparragos y queso manchego

52 Cookbooks #21: Paella de esparragos y queso manchego

Yes exactly. That's paella with asparagus and manchego cheese. Well it seems rude not to make the most of the asparagus season while it's here, I think this is probably the last we'll see this year (unfortunately).

This meal was nominally chosen by MOH. We were in Sainsburys having one of those "there's-nothing-for-tea-so-we-should-get-something-but-I've-no-idea-what" type of conversations and MOH piped up paella.

Quite an inspired suggestion I thought...

Now we just needed enough of the ingredients to fit a recipe.

And we needed to do it from memory.

We did quite well with this one, it was supposed to have chicken but we'd bought prawns but that's not such a bad swap. Other than that we were set.

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