52 Cookbooks #20: Cod Saltimbocca

52 Cookbooks #20: Cod Saltimbocca

Yes, we're still on a bit of a health kick here ahead of our trip to Portugal, so I'm using the second of the Cook Yourself Thin books for this week's recipe.

So are we noticing a difference to our waistlines - a little, I think.

And that's the way it's supposed to go right, slowly but surely...

This week I've chosen Cod Saltimbocca which is served with cannellini beans - and in the book - all this is just 259 calories.

I say in the book as I'm pretty certain mine will be a bit higher as I don't seem to have the phrase "a spritz of olive oil" in my vocabulary.

I didn't go mad with it, but I definitely couldn't say it was a spritz!

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