52 Cookbooks #19: Yogurt-marinated chicken and spiced green lentils

52 Cookbooks #19: Yogurt-marinated chicken and spiced green lentils

This week's recipe is from a diet cookbook with a difference. It's called Fat Girl Slim which is a great title and is by Ruth Watson. It's an entertaining read and doesn't have the same format as other cookbooks I have; it doesn't have the same kind of recipes either for that matter.

In fact the last recipe in the book - in the chapter titled Sod it - is a hot bitter chocolate mousse and thick Jersey cream in case it all gets too much.

The theory is if you're going to blow your diet you should at least do it with some style!

I like that kind of style...

There's also chapters titled Working woman's reality (with a sub-section devoted to "the packet queen"), Eating with your darling and Beyond baked beans.

The other gem of advice in this book is "if you toss enough interesting vegetables with masses of Asian flavourings, I defy even the most raven carnivore to notice the absence of meat."

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