52 cook books week 17 Breakfast muffins

52 cook books week 17 Breakfast muffins

eek 17 of our 52 cook books challenge! We’re all on a health kick at Keynko HQ – I’m losing weight (and so is Badger by default) and Bernard is heavily into revision and exams so she is being extra careful about eating well and regularly to give her brain every chance it can to do the job! So I thought I’d giver her a hand this week and and make some yummy breakfast muffins. She has an early breakfast and is out the door before 8 – choosing to get to college early for a chill and a cup of tea, so I thought a snack to give her a boost might help! Luckily we have a recipe for breakfast muffins, which I snaffled off the internet years ago for just this sort of event! The sunshine bit? Well given that it’s rainy and grey here today I thought a sunshine muffin tin might be the source of vitamin D we get!

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