52 cook books week 16 PASTA BABY!

52 cook books week 16 PASTA BABY!

52 cook books is into week 16, and although I am a day late with the link up (sorry!) I’m loving it!

Spending time to go through cook books and plan a meal rather than rush about and just use up whats in the fridge it really enjoyable  - although my family may disagree, given the headless chicken impressions I do at times and the occasions when they find me photographing dinner on the bedroom floor – because that’s where the best light is!

So this week a family favourite – Pasta and tomatoes.


I bought a really lovely regional Italian cookbook some time ago and it is very under used!

So I have taken a rather nice recipe and made it diet friendly.

(did I tell you yet how good I was – a whole easter weekend and not a single piece of chocolate passed my lips!)

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