500, really!?

500, really!?

500, really!?

Something caught my eye today, as I was about to write my (one day late) meal planning Monday.....

This will be my 500th published post. 

Is that important? I'm not sure if it's important to others, but it feels important to me. I'm not even sure why it's important.......but this is *Ojos World* so what's important to me is what you get.

So I figured, for this monumental post we should review what you may have learnt about me, and what you haven't! Or even what it all actually means...........that sounds a lot deeper than it's really going to end up.

What has 500 posts taught you about me?

I like to Craft/Sew. I really do love it, I find it relaxing. I do know it's quite an old fashioned idea but, depending on what I sew, it doesn't have to be. Besides, who cares what anyone else thinks? I enjoy it, that is what matters.

I love horror movies I don't write about it, because you never know who's reading! I don't want to be scaring the young (or old) and impressionable with my love of scary stuff.

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