50 shades of Oh Hell No!

50 shades of Oh Hell No! Yes I'm angry again, first a disclaimer I haven't read the text that I'm angry about and I'm not going to, there is no way I'm lining the pockets of a woman who puts dangerous ideas out into the world I'm raising my children in.

Fifty Shades of Grey - a book about a girl enjoying being controlled emotionally, mentally and physically. A book that women are eating up, and then spewing forth comments such as 'every woman needs a Christian Grey in their life'. You know I have no problem if women (or men) want a little sex in their text, even a bit of BDSM if that's what you're into, but this is not that. This book / series is an insidious introduction to the idiotic and dangerous idea that we should enjoy being treated as an object even to the point of degredation at least as long as the trade off is (supposedly) good sex...


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