5 top tips for parenting a special needs child

5 top tips for parenting a special needs child

Walk into any bookshop and there are shelves of self-help books, absolutely loads. Books on increasing self-confidence, pregnancy, diet, positivity…the list would seem to be endless.

Until you become part of a new “club”, one that you weren’t necessarily aware when your child was newborn that you’d be “joining”, due to the fact it’s an invisable disabilty. One that has no requirements for race, gender, social standing or religion to join. One that you may “join” suddenly at first meeting with diagnosing professionals or one that may take years of appointments, letters and reports.

Eitherway, you are told a diagnosis, a life-long diagnosis, handed some leaflets (and some tissues) and sent on your way. You and your child who now has a “label”, they’re the same child they were before the diagnosis meeting but the way Society will now perceive your child has changed.

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