5 Things I can’t live without

5 Things I can’t live without

We’re often told we’re too materialistic, too worried about acquiring ‘stuff’. We’re encouraged to look for happiness in the small things and to realise that money can’t buy you love. Well yes, that’s true but goodness some stuff can really make life easier, particularly when you’re a mum. I can hold my hands up and admit there are some things I’d really be lost without. The ones that spring to mind immediately are:

1 – Baby wipes – One of the big parent blogger conferences was slated for putting baby wipes in their goody bag. All I could think was ‘I’ll have yours if you don’t want them’. We get through mountains of them even now neither of my boys are really ‘babies’ anymore. They are stashed in pretty much every room at home and we have emergency supplies in both cars, at the in-laws, in my bag and in T’s nursery bag. I once asked my mum how she managed before baby wipes and she looked at me as if I was crazy and said ‘we just had cloths, love’. WHAT!?!? Think of all the extra washing, what a nightmare!

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