5 Steps to De-cluttering your Living Room

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A New Year and new start! The hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind us and an ideal time to focus on our homes, the big Spring Clean and sort through. De-cluttering your home can not only make it look good but also make you feel good in turn, there’s something therapeutic about sorting through what’s under your roof, keeping what is practical and holds special memories and ridding yourself of the bits and bobs that you haven’t used since 2009 and likely never will!

Here’s my 5 Tips to de-clutter your family living room

1.       Gather your children and hold a ‘Sorting Out Party’. Essentially this is cunning parental code for ‘tidying up’ with added party fun. Turn off the tv, put on some music, crack open the popcorn and all set to work in making piles of toys. For example, a pile of ‘broken toys’ destined for the bin, a pile of ‘too babyish toys’, those outgrown but still useable destined for a local Charity Shop.

2.       Rotate toys – Try to keep two or three toys in the lounge at any one time, the rest can be kept in bedrooms or a playroom if you have one. In my experience children who see the same toys every day soon begin to not really appreciate them, but by setting only a few out when they get rotated the new toys get instant appreciation!

3.       Storage – Coffee Tables are great for not only giving you a practical space for cups of teas and magazines but a handy play area for the children to use too. Invest in one with a shelf beneath and you’ll have an instant storage space. You might like to invest in some practical storage tubs which slot onto the shelf for the ultimate in achieving a de-cluttered look.

4.       Paint the walls a light colour. Now I know that isn’t a practical tip on what to do with your clutter but a fresh coat of paint is a great motivator to de-clutter, and lighter colours give the illusion of the room having more space.

5.       Storage units – from inexpensive trunks and eBay bargains through to made-to-fit storage solutions it’s great to have somewhere to put everything. Vintage trunks offer a trendy solution with the added bonus of concealing toys and magazines.

So there you have it, a start towards a cleaner living space. Do you have any advice or tips you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear!

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