5 New Year Blog Photography Resolutions

Day 23 Blogger Advent Calendar: 5 New Year Blog Photography Resolutions

These hints and tips may help you or inspire your blog photography in the new year. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a DSLR but shoot on Auto. Let your natural photography style evolve, and if along the way you decide to learn how to shoot on Manual great. And if not – who cares! Just enjoy. For me, photography is about visually documenting a moment in time and I don’t mind how you document it, I just want to get you excited about doing it behind a lens!

I feel surgically attached to my camera. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but sometimes I can be so busy trying to capture a moment, I miss enjoying the actual moment. My blog has become my living photography cv, so I adore being able to use a DSLR to snap every day moments, even if I look like a tourist on a bus or a train!

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