5 inspirational adventurer mothers - Mums do travel

5 inspirational adventurer mothers - Mums do travel

I’m in trouble with my kids. I’m not going to be at home on Mother’s Day. I’ll be on my way to Sicily instead (for work) and have been told that I ‘won’t be getting any presents then’. I said that we could celebrate Mother’s Day the following weekend if they’d like to, when I’m back home, but nobody answered me.

Oh dear. To stop myself from feeling guilty I’ve made a list of mothers who’ve been on REALLY BIG  journeys without their children. Although I don’t know how many Mother’s Days they were away for, if any. These are the culprits.

Davina McCall 

British TV presenter and mum-of-three Davina McCall has just raised more than two million pounds for Sport Reliefnofollow, a charity for vulnerable people in the UK and abroad. Davina did this by completing an incredibly tough Sport Relief 2014 triathlon over 500 miles from Edinburgh to London in just seven days. The presenter was filmed running, swimming and cycling her way through gruelling weather conditions in February – afterwards she said that this was the toughest thing she’d ever done. Luckily Davina finished her journey before Mother’s Day. Phew.

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