40th birthday preparations (or lack thereof)

40th birthday preparations (or lack thereof) I am 40 this week and I am determined to pay it forward. You can help me: should you go past a shop that sells birthday cards and see a polka dotty card that would be perfect for me, I would be extremely grateful if you could check the price and then carry out one of the following ideas:

Take that amount of money to the nearest charity collection box of your choice and drop it in there OR use it to buy cereal, flour, etc. to donate to a foodbank OR just do something nice for someone, whether someone you have never met through a good deed or a suspended coffee, a call to someone you haven't talked to for a while… it definitely doesn't have to cost you money to put a smile on someone's face OR of course, while you are near the card section. you could buy a card for someone close to you just because, it will cheer their day up surely!

Read more ideas on the blog, fancy helping me celebrate in style?

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