#3Dates3Mths - Blind Dates.

When I first signed up for this challenge, I commented to a friend that I had no idea how I would procure myself two dates without the help of a website. His reaction was: "there's a lovely bloke at work who would be ideal for you; he mentioned just the other day that he was thinking of joining a dating website. I'll set you up with him!" And so, that was that taken care of.

... Or so I thought.

What actually happened was that two weeks later, when I'd heard nothing, I sent a text to said friend asking whether he'd spoken to his colleague and arranged this blind date. He said no, but he would now. He told me the guys name, saying "he's on my Facebook friends; go and check him out and see what you think!" I was really feeling decidedly awkward about the whole situation, but knew I'd agreed to do this challenge so figured I should just stop being a big pansy and crack on.

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