@ 39 weeks

@ 39 weeks

So this is it - my last day of being pregnant. And is it still weird to say that it feels quite surreal? That 39 weeks have past since this little being started to grow inside of me? It has gone quickly and I am so grateful for the easy pregnancy that I have had. What a miracle this whole process is. And the best part? Is that the best part hasn't even happened yet - that's tomorrow when we get to meet our little munchkin. We get to hold him for the first time, hear him take his first breath and scream the place down. The first time we will change his nappy, feed him, cuddle him, comfort him. The first photos, the first meetings with family, the first sleepless night. What a journey we have ahead of us.

Looking back at all the pictures we have taken, I am so glad we decided to record the past 9 months. It is so special to be able to look back and see my body change and my belly swell.

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