38 week pregnancy photographs

38 week pregnancy photographs - ScissorsPaperRock blog Something you will rarely see is a sensible photograph of me. I am the least photogenic person of everyone I have never known and this translates into me NEVER letting people point a camera at me. My OH is also the least “couply” man in the world and doesn’t even like me posting photo’s of the two of us on Facebook. As a result, we really haven’t taken any photo’s of us together (or at all really) since becoming pregnant.

So it was fairly surprising to find out that he’d asked a friend of his (a great photographer) to come and take some pictures of us together before the baby arrives. A sudden streak of soppyness from my dear OH and a nightmare for me and my completely photo-phobic face!

Some of the shots are below. I still hate my face but I think our friend definitely made the best of a bad situation where my camera-awkwardness is concerned and I’m really chuffed that we’ll have some photo’s to remember the pregnancy by.


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