365 #9 {Light & Spring}

365 #9 {Light & Spring}

Day 54 Lazy Sunday. Sometimes you just can't beat it. Today was all about baking and drinking tea. Day 55 Last day of the half term holiday. We had visitors today which I love. Lack of family nearby means the house can be quite quiet at times so having friends and other children round always makes me smile. Both sets of visitors brought me some daffodils. Here they are against a backdrop of death and destruction role played out through the medium of Star Wars Lego. Day 56 The sun came out so I decided to head out for a run. Three miles in and my knee gave out. Luckily the husband was at home so whilst I waited for my rescue I appreciated the blue sky. Before it started raining again. Day 57 Back to work with a splash of colour from my new mug. Day 58 First early start again and the sun was shining so I couldn't resist snapping the blue sky. I knew it wouldn't last. Day 59 The husband really should know better than to leave an opened pack of jelly beans in view at the end of my working week..

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