365 #8 {Half term}

365 #8 {Half term}

Day 47 A glorious day spent at Dyrham Park near Bath where the children ran free with a friend and the mums enjoyed cream teas. There's some more lovely pics of the park here. Day 48 Dentist day. Everyone got the thumbs up. We walked through the older part of town to get there via the post office where we dropped off birthday cards and the latest letter to the pen pal. Day 49 A quick trip to the park. The boy was happy as he was safe on the roundabout getting a break from big sister and friend tormenting him. Girls. One day he'll like the attention. Day 50 We walked around the village to get some fresh air before going to see Lego Movie - which I highly recommend. We saw these flowers for sale. Annoyingly I had no money on me. I rather fancied the 20p daffodils. Day 51 I was rummaging in the loft for some work bits and came across a box of the husband's childhood toys. They kept the kiddies busy for a while. Day 52...

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