365 #5 {Back on it...}

365 #5 {Back on it...}

In spite of the rain and the wind and the altogether crap weather I've tried hard this week to get back on top of everything. Running was back on the agenda - although it took the inevitable dip at the end of the week when I'm working. I must work on that. All in all though, it's been a good one.

365 #5 Day 26 Lazy Sunday so cookie baking was in order. I say lazy but I ran today and I'm still giving myself treats as a girl needs energy boosts while pounding the pavements. Day 27 Loving my Mondays. It's my day to myself where I don't think about work. Today I relaxed, ran and had an early night with Hostages on playback. Day 28 So fed up with the grey clouds and rain on every school run.

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