365 #4 {Frustrations...}

365 #4 {Frustrations...}

It's always the way. Just as I am getting into the full swing of fitness again along comes a cold which, on top of the working end of the week, means no running for a few days. That has really bugged me but I'm taking that as a good sign. Not all doom and gloom though as the weather has been good - for a short while. I seriously need more sunshine though.

365 #4 Day 19 A walk along the canal at Bradford-on-Avon on what felt like the first sunny day of January this year. Day 20 A crisp and cold walk to school. I love having this field at the end of the Lane - it gives us the countryside on our doorstep. Day 21 Three days in a row of bright days. This morning we spotted spider webs and I caught this one just as the frost was beginning to melt. New trainers were also bought today and a good 3.6 mile run completed. Day 22

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