365 #3 {Healthy me, happy me...}

365 #3 {Healthy me, happy me...}

Another week has flown by. The 'healthy me, happy me' programme is going full swing and I now have a fitness aim as I'll be running nearly five miles next month as part of Team Honk's efforts for Sport Relief - more on that in another post. All in all it was a good week for the old 'work/life' balance.

365 #3 Day 12

We joined the husband for the Sunday trek to his lab. We headed up to Tyntesfield for a walk around the grounds and found produce for sale in the Orangery, including some pretty impressive parsnips.

Day 13

Healthy eating in full swing and my first letter to my pen pal written and sealed.

Day 14

A couple of hours with the husband - we popped into Devizes to do some errands and get a coffee. On the way, the Wadsworth Brewery shire horses and cart pulled out en route to its deliveries in the town.

Day 15

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