365 #2 {Back to it...}

365 #2 {Back to it...}

So it seems like Christmas was a lifetime ago and we are well and truly back into the routine of school and work. I maybe counting down the weeks to half term already. I am however determined to make the most of my days off at the beginning of the week before the mayhem of work kicks in.

365 #2 Day 5

The rain stopped, for the morning, so we headed out to explore the floods. The kiddies spent a good hour wading through frozen puddles. It's the simple things that keep them happy.

Day 6

The kiddies were still off school so we baked. I may have had a small slice. For quality control purposes.

Day 7

I headed into Bath with the husband to spend some Christmas money and went a bit touristy and snapped the Abbey upon exiting Starbucks. I was also a bit excited to find myself buying a size down pair of jeans in Gap.

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