365 #13 {Must get organised...}

365 #13 {Must get organised...}

Day 82

Crazy weather day today so another lazy Sunday. The bright yellow of the daffodils caught my eye through the kitchen window against the black and sunny sky.

Day 83

I spent a rather relaxing couple of hours penning letters and decorating envelopes. I am going to miss this free time soon.

Day 84

Meal preparation day before the working part of the week. Cottage pie and pasta bolognese were on the menu this week. Menu planning and food organisation will have to be upped soon.

Day 85

Play dough preparation for work. Also recommended as a great stress reliever. It is very calming kneading warm play dough straight from the pan.

Day 86

In my pyjamas by 6:30 and a mountain of laundry to get through before tackling work. Thursday nights are my least favourite night of the week. I wish someone would

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