365 #11 {Sunshine & mail}

365 #11 {Sunshine & mail}

Spring teased us a little this week. Inner coat linings were removed. Then it got cold again. It's always the way isn't it? As I sit editing this with the final photo it is glorious outside. Let's hope it remains so.

365 #11 Day 68 A glorious Spring day full of sunshine and warmth. We went on our big walk today. I tried to forget about the fact I can't run this route at the moment and enjoyed the time with the children. We stopped to admire the cottages on the way. I like to think that my girl is daydreaming about living in one one day. Day 69 Letter writing day. I recently joined up with #postcircle and sent off my first piece of snail mail for that. I had also found, and bought, a little something in Bath on Saturday that I promptly sent off to my American pen pal. Day 70...

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