365 #10 {Ups and downs}

365 #10 {Ups and downs}

It's been a week of ups and downs. Bright sunshine one minute, hail and rain the next. Running happily one minute, biting my lip trying not to cry in frustration the next. I need more ups than downs. Luckily the week ended with more ups.

365 #10

Day 61

The rain returned today so we had another lazy Sunday involving Lego and DVDs for the kiddies, catching up on some other 365 blogs for me and the pub with his mates for the husband. I didn't sulk. Honest.

Day 62

Dodging the hail showers on the school run. I just loved the menacing look of the sky competing against the earlier sunshine.

Day 63

Frustratingly I took a photo of the same daffodils as snapped here. At that point I had written about how nice it was to walk my running route and stop and look at everything. Today I ran. But not for long. The knee went again so I walked back slowly, ironically giving me time to stop and look again.

Day 64...

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