365 #1 {New Beginnings...}

365 #1 {New Beginnings...}

It seems apt to think about new beginnings seeing as this is my first blog post of 2014. I know it sounds clichéd to start afresh at the beginning of a new year but it works for me. Christmas was fabulous - although the husband spent almost 72 hours of it in bed with flu which gave me the opportunity to shine with my roast producing skills, every cloud and all that. But I over indulged. I fell spectactularly off the healthy living wagon and enjoyed far too much food, chocolate and alcohol. Classic. So the new year is perfectly timed for me. A time to set some challenges.

For the first time I'm setting myself the goal of participating in Project 365. I snap away loads on my phone anyway but not necessarily every day or with a purpose. Work days might be challenging.

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