35 & Babbling.

35 & Babbling.


Ever since I started sorting out the mess in my head, I don't feel lethargic and sluggish anymore. I feel like I am at the top of the game. I feel good about myself, in fact very proud that I have achieved slipping out of this black beast. Hopefully it stays this way. Keeping myself occupied and having positive people (only a fingerful) really does wonders. Letting go of the toxic ones help too. Heh.

I no longer have negative or evil thoughts. I hardly get repetitive nightmares like I did over the past 34 years.

I have friends who came up to me to talk about their own set of depressing stories. Sometimes I can relate, sometimes i get annoyed. When I get annoyed i try to avoid. Especially those who rejected opinions and suggestions. Strangely, they are the ones who came up to me to 'seek help'. Nowadays I will say, go seek medical help, go seek solace. I am not much of help, I am a mess myself haha.

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