+31 We Love You Javaplein!

+31 We Love You Javaplein!

Overall experience - I LOVE IT. I am the sort who loves to have a feel of other people's culture. Javaplein made me feel at home. Although our stay was short, we had an awesome time living like/amongst them. The people are friendly and warm. Really made our stay excellent. Furthermore, our house is right beside a police station. Should anything happen I think my scream would alarm them.

How do I know if booking by Airbnb is safe? I am a little on the risk taker side. I know it is pretty unnerving to travel like this with a child. I checked the reviews and the response rate, keep in touch with the host and lastly trust your instinct and packed a pocket knife. (otherwise work on my mean punches that I haven't been using for years ehem)

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