+31 Once Upon A Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal

+31 Once Upon A Schipol to Amsterdam Centraal

We arrived much earlier than expected. We were supposed to reach at 0715hours but we touched down at 0635hours. As we had made arrangements with Lea to be at Javaplein by noon, we decided to hang out at Schipol Airport and checked the place out a bit. Got my local number so I won't bust my bills at the end of the month and gulped at the amount I have to fork out. Grabbed breakfast and let you were run all over the place.

After coffee and donuts, we got ourselves train tickets to Amsterdam Centraal. We were happily pretending to smoke cold air (Asians pfft *rolls eyes*) outside the airport, we missed our train and had to wait for another 30minutes. What I observed was that you can actually skipped buying the tickets and just hopped on the trains but of course if you were caught, I guess the fine will cost much more than the ticket itself so we as tourists on a budget (and with a child goddamit) will not risk it. Ha-ha.

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