3 years: Part II

3 years: Part II

3 years ago today we celebrated again - this time in beautiful Robertson, Cape Town surrounded by family and friends. Bon Cap wine farm is an idyllic location and we just had the perfect day.

I have been recently thinking about marriage and what it means etc. Now, bear in mind I am almost 6 months pregnant so there are hormones flying around and one might tend to feel a bit emotional. But seriously. Am I the only one who thinks its not easy? It takes a lot of work - and I am no angel. Mani will tell you. I can be difficult, selfish, needy, emotional (must I go on?)...and Mani is always there. Always. I mean we might not be best of friends at these times but he is there and thats what counts. He loves me unconditionally and I him. No matter what.

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