3 Toys You Thought Were Safe

3 Toys You Thought Were Safe

...Some of the toys we got were very useful, like the uber-plastic, brightly coloured V-Tech Baby Push-Along I said I didn’t want at first but then Ava played with for hours. Others seemed fine until I learned about their not-so-pretty drawbacks. The thing is, I’m very careful about my daughter’s safety and would never get her anything I wasn’t absolutely sure was safe. But the toys listed below are all widely accepted as safe and even beneficial to babies, so many parents could be forgiven for not knowing about their hidden risk. So I prepared this list to share what I learnt and perhaps save you a few pounds. - See more at: http://www.rootsbaby.co.uk/2013/09/3-toys-you-thought-were-safe.html#sthash.8FpyoKFp.dpuf

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