3 Homemade Laundry products you will love

3 Homemade Laundry products you will love

So i have seen over the net how to make your own laundry powder and seeing as my machine seems to be constantly running, making laundry detergent rather expensive. So i wanted to test out first if the laundry detergent worked and how much it cost to make. Also there are laundry detergents can contain some pretty tough chemicals that may irritate your skin and ruin your clothes or machine so it was even interesting to see how the clothes felt especially with a baby in the house.

Save Money, Environmentally friendly, Kind to your skin, long live your machine

My Favourite Ironing spray Starch may remind you of days gone by and stiff collars on shirts but i have developed my own ironing spray to help get those creases out, keep a decent shape in clothes and give 48 hour long scented clothes when worn.

Starch is actually not only for making things stay firm in shape but is great to use especailly on husbands sweaty shirts to hold sweat and dirt on the starch rather than in the fibers of clothes, protecting clothes and giving them a longer life.

I made my ironing spray to break down the

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