3 Day Juice Detox – Is It Worth It?

3 Day Juice Detox – Is It Worth It?

So last week I tried out the three-day juice detox that everyone’s been talking about to see what the big fuss was. The way it works is you drink four juice drinks a day, with no food, for three days straight. Twelve drinks over three days, that’s it. I ordered my juice detox from Bubblicity but there are other companies that do it, it costs 75 euro (I got a press discount of 20 euro btw) and I got it delivered straight to work by the lovely Karl who talked me through which juice to take and when.

There’s five flavours of juice – GingerTonic, SuperJuice, UpBeet, LiquidLunch and EnerJuice. I took the EnerJuice in the morning, as the name suggests, it give you energy and has a sweeter taste due to the Pineapple, Apple and Lime blended in it. The GingerTonic is the juice most like a ‘treat’, no nasty parsley or wheatgrass in this lil guy, just lemon, carrot, apple and ginger. I took this either last thing at night or in the mid afternoon.

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