21 Problems...and Gluten is all of them!

21 Problems...and Gluten is all of them!

Apologies for the title of this post, I sometimes try to be cool and down with the kids, but it just doesn't always ever happen. Anyhoo, my cousin Rosie, sent me a hilarious gluten related article from Cosmopolitan, Problems only gluten free people understand which I just had to share and (of course) elaborate.

1. You have to read the ingredients label on every single thing before you put it in your mouth. This goes for crisps, sweets, chocolate, chewing gum and even mints, you name it- everything...!!

2. Bread. Bread is the devil. A good loaf of Gluten Free bread costs £2.99 and it still bloats your tummy and makes you feel sluggish just like normal bread. You can't win.

3. Going out to dinner involves a lot of eating salad...with oil or plain, because no one seems to know if there's gluten in the honey mustard dressing. Sad, but too true. On our honeymoon to Mexico, the airline forgot to order me a gluten free meal so I survived a 10 hour flight to Mexico on four side salads. Yum-my. So I drank lots of wine instead.

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