21 months on this earth.

21 months on this earth.

Dear Darling Boy,

You are now 21 months old and you have changed so much since I last wrote. My mind is somewhat preoccupied by our new arrival but my immediate thoughts and body are still here with you day in day out. I find balancing thinking of you and preparing for the new baby a constant trial. When I think of your sister I feel guilty to push you out and when I think of you I worry that I am not preparing and loving her enough. This parenting business is hard.

Everyday I try to teach you new words, show you new things and give you new experiences. Everything is a learning opportunity for you, whether we mean it to be or not and we have to keep an eye on ourselves to make sure we are setting a good example. It is not possible to be perfect all the time and find ourselves watching what we eat, drink or say. You will evidently think what we have is FAR more exciting than anything we offer you if we do not all eat the same thing.

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