How to spend Mother’s Day in Brighton

How to spend Mother’s Day in Brighton

"Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to spend any time with my mum this Mother’s Day as I have Fresh Meat roller derby training every Sunday for the next couple of months. But if I could (and we lived nearer) these are some of the things I would think about doing:

A Sunday roast - I probably love roast dinners more than my mum (any excuse then!) but it’s nice to treat your mum to a meal out.

A spa treatment – The Treatment Rooms is my favourite beauty salon in Brighton so I’d definitely take my mum there for a massage. I went for a massage once somewhere else – we went for a couple’s one when I have gift vouchers and let’s just say I didn’t expect us to have to strip in front of each other! So maybe get your mum a massage on her own…"

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