2014 fitness update - week 1

2014 fitness update - week 1 » Make Mine A Vodka

This is the 2014 fitness log – week 1

Star Date: 19/1/2014

Weight: 13st 5lb

Age: 39 years and 29 weeks

Activity this week:

2 sessions of interval training to get me back out in my trainers. Motivated along by my friends Julie Shand and Suzanne Fowler.

Wednesday 15th Jan – Session 1 – Warm up walk, followed by 2 minute jog, 3 minute walk x 4 reps = 20 minutes

Feeling a little bit apprehensive I rammed myself into my joggers and trainers. Walked from Julies house up to the next road as a warm up then we started. Would I being going to fast or even too slow to even get to the end of my first 2 minutes.

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