2013 at Whipsnade Zoo

2013 at Whipsnade Zoo - Cheetahs In My Shoes

I’m not one for resolutions – 2014 will be what we make of it! It hasn’t started particularly healthily (understatement) so instead of a self-indulgent whinge, I thought I’d have a look back at our photos from our favourite place, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. I have taken thousands (yes really, must sort them out a bit more) of photographs there this year and shared many of them with you already but in true New Year ’round-up’ style, here’s our version of 2013 at Whipsnade Zoo.

January We knew from our friends on the Zoo team that the lions could climb trees but generally did so in the evenings. Imagine our delight when we saw this one clamber up – believing she was far more light footed than she really was! They’ve had to cut the branches on this tree off now to stop them climbing so close to the fence so we were really lucky to spot this.

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